The Process of Raising a Structure
AAAA STRUCTURAL HOUSE MOVERS & DEMOLITION experts appropriately organize and prepare the structure prior to the move, to ensure the wellbeing and integrity of the structure throughout the move and proper placement of the structure once the new location has…
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Learn How to Sell Your Unwanted Home and Write it Off On Your Taxes
Contemplating about building a new home on your current lot? Let us re-move the standing structure and save you money on the demolition and dumping fees! You’re Not only saving money that could be used towards your next project, but…
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We raise and move steel, brick, wood-frame and modular homes and other structures in North Carolina We transport residential homes,


We are a second generation North Carolina company with the expertise necessary to do the job while maintaining economical Budget


Structure erection services, do you have a house, building or other structure to be moved, raised, held, or for sale to be moved?

House Movers NC Structural Moving Services Building Relocation

Moving a house or other building is a difficult task. If you are looking for a company to perform a building relocation, AAAA House Movers are the premiere house movers in North Carolina.

For years we have worked to develop our company from its initial focus of home moving to what we now call by the broader term, structural relocation.

We pride ourselves on excellence in all that we do, offering top-notch service, paired with outstanding customer assistance. From start to finish, we work with our clients to hear their needs, and build a custom designed moving plan for their unique home or other structure.

Our pricing is budget-conscious and built with sensitivity towards our clients. In fact moving a home or other building is an effective way to recycle an existing structure, which is better for the environment and your wallet!
At AAAA House Movers, we transport wood frame, brick, block, and stone buildings, and also stick built structures, to just about anywhere you need them. We work with commercial, residential, and industrial structures, making us the perfect company to call for any job. You never have to worry about a flaky crew with AAAA House Movers; all of our staff is skilled and experienced. We are known for not only meeting but also exceeding our clients’ expectations.

There are many reasons to use structural relocation services, some of which include:

  • Historical preservation
  • Clearing for roads or highways
  • Moving a structure for new construction
  • Structural purchases

Preserving an older building that is part of history is one of the top reasons why homes and other buildings are moved. By moving this valuable piece of history, we can maintain a home or building exactly as it was built, but move it safely away, and keep it from being demolished. In addition to moving buildings, we also perform home enhancements, as well as foundation and building raising and leveling.

At AAAA House Movers, no job is too small or large for our crew. No matter what your building structural needs, we will get the job done right. To learn more about our services in the NC area, contact our offices today!

Over the years we have developed from a house moving business into a company which is more properly defined as Structural Movers. If you are unfamiliar with the structural moving industry, we move stick built structures of all types. Services consist of house and building moving, building raising, under-house excavating, foundation and or basement replacement, building leveling, shoring, underpinning, basement repair and hydraulic jacking.